Digital Marketing

How Will Digital Marketing Continue to Change?

First, while digital marketing is a powerful strategy, we’re seeing a growing gray area between online and offline worlds. Sure we’re all online. But when your brand can connect our social media with our in-person experiences, you’ve created a powerful tie to your customers.
We will continue to use digital marketing as one marketing discipline which encompasses everything from websites to social media to emails and more. But it’s important to realize that what was once a completely separate term and strategy has now become a major part of the greater world of just marketing.

Changing Digital Marketing Channels to Explore

The more we live online, the more important it is for businesses to pay attention to “where” we are.
Where are your potential leads and eventual customers spending their time looking for products and services, or having conversations that could include your brand?
Let’s explore some of the growing digital channels ready for your marketing attention.

1 — Reviews and Recommendations

From review sites like Yelp to Google My Business reviews to asking for recommendations on Facebook, consumers today have a ton of places to seek out opinions from their networks and strangers alike.

2 — Search Engine Optimization

As the world moves forward, voice search will continue to grow. You’ll want to pay attention to this one.
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Mobile-Optimized Website

3 — Social Media Marketing

Engagement and interactivity continue to change marketing. The digital transformation has had a major impact on how consumers interact with brands. 

4 — Video and Live Video

No matter what your business does, videos are essential to your marketing. Imagine having a business today without a website? That’s how important videos are today.

This is why you should cover all your bases by providing subtitles—or on-screen text—in all of your videos. After all, 67% of respondents like to read them. Give the people what they want!